Tribal Technology’s work is underpinned by extensive research and a thorough understanding of issues surrounding information management, e-learning and management strategy. We regularly produce reports based on this research. Here are some examples:

e-Portfolios, their uses and benefits
Read our white paper on this much talked about e-learning tool
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Shared support services: One step further for partnering contracts
This paper examines the growing trend for shared services in public sector organisations. It analyses this new model of shared management, the risks involved, procurement issues, and negotiating a managed services contract. It also highlights what experience suggests are the key factors to achieving results in shared management partnerships.
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e-Learning … m-Learning … t-Learning … but is it learning?
Extracts from a presentation by Dr Bob Banks on ‘Wire-less and other new technologies: relevance and applications in education’ given at a workshop on ‘Managing ICT in the new FE: Meeting increased expectations’
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e-Learning Content Advisory Paper
An advisory paper exploring issues of authoring and managing web-enabled learning materials or ‘e-content’ in relation to online learning environments. The paper also provides some suggested methodologies and solutions.
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e-Learning Market Insight Report
Over the past five years the character of the Web has evolvedfrom that of a mission to that of a market. This change has been most apparent in the areas of activity that were at the heart of the pioneering vision of the Internet – not least community, knowledge and learning.
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Learning Theory and Learning Objects
This paper applies some of the core principles of learning theory to the design and use of ‘learning objects’ in the e-learning context. It considers three prominent schools of thought and identifies principles which are of relevance to learning objects, and describes an example illustrating how these principles might apply in practice.
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Learning Object Structures
The definition, size and structure of “learning objects” has been the subject of much debate and some confusion in the e-learning arena, with varying views and positions. This paper looks at different interpretations of learning objects. Its purpose is to stimulate and foster debate, so that the views of technologists and educationalists can be heard and balanced.
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Latest paper
Personalised Learning
Making the Vision a Reality with ICT

The personalisation of education and public services is a major focus of
government policy. This report examines how the vision of
personalised learning can become reality, exploring the crucial role of ICT.